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BugPlug – Kamil Jerzykowski

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BugPlug gadgetPerfect for a kid’s room or a nursery, the BugPlug is a small energy-saving creature that seeks out power-draining devices and shuts them off at the source. Simply attach it to an appliance (or a whole set of electric devices through power strip), and an infrared sensor will search for human presence by looking for body heat and motion. If none is detected, the Bugplug will turn off the unused devices. Conceived by Polish designer Kamil Jerzykowski, the kid-friendly energy saver is one of fifty finalists in the 2nd annual Greener Gadgets Design Competition.

The BugPlug excels as a quirky example of energy-saving design that is perfect for households with kids, who are infamous for switching activities without finishing them first. The power-monitoring gizmo features an adjustable timer that will cut off power after 0-6 (or possibly up to 30) minutes of a motionless room

BugPlug gadget diagram for use with various appliances 

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