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ECONA Water-Saving

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Econa water saving Today you decided to take a shorter shower. But how much water did you save? Don’t know? Then the Econa water saving device could be a smart investment.

ECONA is a water-saving device that could change the way you view (literally!) your water consumption at home. This gadget won the Concurso Nuevo Diseño 2008 (New Design Competition) in the ecodesign category.

Designed by Clara Descals (Valencia) and Emma Laurin (Sweden), the touch panel receives, stores and manages information about household water consumption. It then displays the info about the house, via the water-droplet shaped units, that warn you if you are using too much of that clear gold and how much you should be using.

The objective of this bluetooth-information-transferring device is to make consumers more conscious of our water use at home. Its visual and graphic design is intended for ease of understanding by our little water consumers. The main control unit also has programmable software and a USB port that allows you to upload the information to your computer.




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