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Bware (Israel)

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Bware Did you ever ask yourself, "when I take a shower, do I know how much water I use?" Did you ask yourself the same the last time you washed the dishes? Probably the answer is no. Bware is a small water meter device made for purpose of knowing how much water you use.



Bware is made from recycled ABS, and production costs are minimal. It's very easy to operate: Attach it to a shower or kitchen tap; Bware will start to count (it draws its power of the water stream). Note the number and try to use less water the next time.

The aim of a device such the Bware is to get people to be aware of the water they use and to try to educate them to save this valued natural resource. The Bware advance kit will include Wi-Fi connection and log software, making it easier to trace the water usage.




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