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Nature.is - Náttúran.is

Nature.is, launched in 2007 after sevarl years or preparation, is run as an eco-conscious network of information, newschannel, agency and sales representative for items and services that are all related to nature or the environment in some way.

From the beginning, a guiding principle for the development of the web has been creativity, power and ties to the Earth. The web is based on a common hope and vision for a bright future and the collective enthusiasm of the parties involved. The aim is to encourage the general public to embark on a more sustainable lifestyle. We believe that it is actually easy to practice environmental sensibility in every household and in every company when information is presented in a plain and simple way, aided by visual accessibility and with connections made between matters of interest, related guidelines and availability. In this way Nature.is wants to be the bridge between information sources and the consumer. The web will endeavor to simplify the presentation of all the complex information used in today’s web of environmental guidelines and regulations.

Nature.is is designed to be the site that both connects modern man to nature and serves as an environmental guardian and friend. 

Nature.is participates in the Green Map Systems effort to map the green world. as can be seen on http://www.nature.is/greenmap

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Event information

Title: Nature.is - Náttúran.is
Start date: 01-01-2009
End date: 31-12-2009
Event category: NGO / Civil Society

Event contact

E-mail: nature@nature.is
Website: Nature.is - Náttúran.is
Organizor: Einar Bergmundur

Event location

Address: Breiðihvammur Breiðihvam
Postal code: Breiðihvam
City: Hveragerði
Country: Iceland
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